At thethreshold of theenergy revolution

End of the 19th century
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Nikola Tesla achieved amazing results in his research and dreamed that his inventions and free energy would be accessible to all people.

Nikola Tesla is an engineer, physicist, the greatest inventor and scientist of the twentieth century. His discoveries forever changed the world, and his life and biography are filled with amazing events. He is also known as a supporter of the existence of ether.

Access to free energy for all would greatly facilitate and simplify the life of all mankind, would bring civilization to a new round of technological development.

However, the problem was that the financing of his ideas, research, and maintenance of the laboratory was carried out at the expense of the money of American industrialists who had different views on the world and other goals.

1895 - 1904

During the period of revolutionary changes in physics, Nikola Tesla experimentally found a way to obtain inexhaustible energy from ether. The main scientific interest was the study of the issue of generation and wireless transmission of energy over a distance.

JP Morgan funded Tesla's inventions, including the Vordencliffe Tower. The inventor erected the building in 1902. The sponsor believed that the tower would be able to organize wireless communications, but according to Tesla’s idea, the Vordencliff tower was supposed to supply the whole world with free electricity.

Nikola Tesla claimed that if the tower works at full capacity, then anyone can get free electricity in their house by sticking a special anchor in the ground.

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The beginning of the XX century
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Unexpectedly, at the beginning of the 20th century, all studies on the broadcast turned off. The idea of Nikola Tesla was extremely unprofitable for a world where everything is decided by money.

Industrialists, including JP Morgan, did not want such large-scale changes in the energy sector that threatened their business and stopped funding development for all scientists who defended the theory of ether. Moreover, artificial obstacles were created, for example, closing laboratories, reducing scientific vacancies, creating difficulties in subsequent employment, etc.

At the same time, a massive discrediting of ether as one of the basic concepts of theoretical physics began in the world media.

Tesla's mistake

On the basis of the air, the famous scientists of the 19th century built their fundamental theories and obtained really interesting experimental data on the unique nature of electromagnetism, but now they unconditionally hung a label - “pseudo-scientist”.

The reason was the “strategic mistake” of Nikola Tesla - the first to whom he showed his most important discoveries were those who served to create a consumer society.

The consequences and prospects associated with Tesla’s inventions shocked American financiers and industrialists so much that they, for fear of losing their income and power over people, did everything to make the concept of “once and for all” ether disappear from fundamental science - physics.

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Followers of Nikola Tesla around the world continued their research and experiments in the field of ether and obtained practical results as an alternative energy source.

But the technologies of the great scientist and inventor are still discredited, and therefore are used only as entertainment, in show programs or for your own consumption of free energy.

2019 year

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